About Senior Solutions

Everyone has a story to tell, below is my story as to why I started Senior Solutions for the Jersey Shore, LLC

"My vision for this company is to help make the lifestyle changes of Seniors and their families an enjoyable journey, for without their life’s experiences, wisdom and knowledge we would not have our journey!"

- Beverly Zaccherio,  President & Founder

About our Care Providers:

Beverly Zaccherio, President and Founder of Senior Solutions for the Jersey Shore, LLC was started in March of 2013.  She realized after working within the Senior care industry for over 9 years as a Certified Home Health Aide/Certified Nurse's Aid that there was a serious epidemic and care gaps that existed throughout the healthcare industry.  Many families, individuals and Seniors trying to navigate their way through the healthcare industry were not being given adequate education and/or informational resources as to their choices for care in the home, after rehabilitation and felt as though their options for care were very limited.  She realized that  educational resources/information provided to them with consultations at an affordable fee was the key to helping families, individuals and Seniors to realize that they do have choices..  The company and their staffing are dedicated to providing services for Seniors in their home, and offer assistance to their families who are struggling to care for them and keep them in their home.

Beverly is an advisor for Point Pleasant Borough Park & Recreation Center, she has provided professional advise for the Bee Hive Senior Center as to how it can service the communities better through informational services, resources and meet the crucial needs for families caring for the Seniors in their lives.

As an educator, Beverly is teaching a course she designed and developed titled: "Lifestyle Changes Coping & Caring for Seniors.  This course is offered to any local organization, businesses for their employees, non-profit organizations, religious churches, and any type of organization that would like to have her host this event for free is available.  Previously, its been taught at local libraries in Point Pleasant and Wall Township, Ocean County College and Ocean County Vocational Technical College. This course was designed, developed for the purpose of providing the general public with understanding the options that are available for care along with the necessary informational resources available within the decision making process. It is available to any community group that wishes to have her attend as a speaker, please click on the contact us page of this website for more information.

Beverly has volunteered as the Coordinator, for Point Pleasant Borough 2017 Senior Fair Expo. This was a successful event to promote the Bee Hive Senior Center along with allowing the community to unite in knowing that many resources are available for them to assist with caring for Seniors in their home. Beverly works with many various non-profit agencies, County Agencies and many other companies with networking in trying to get exposure for the problems facing Seniors, and their families.  Her consultation services are $25.00 an hour, which is a reasonable hourly rate for many families, individuals and Seniors to take advantage of so that they can get the necessary help/assistance they need when struggling with trying to stay in their home or care for a loved one.