RCTRITEC super luminous and Japanese luminous material comparison evaluation

Hello, everyone, I believe that many people like the diving replica watches important reason is not because they like diving, the important reason is because the watch on the luminous. For example, I, I personally is a dry duck, even the level of swimming in general, let alone diving. But this does not prevent I like the diving type of watch, then the luminous in the end is how the matter today give you to explain this knowledge. If you are interested can look at, First, I want to explain to you is the SuperLume, that is, we often say that the super luminous, super luminous production of the factory there are many. One of the more famous is the RCTRITEC, original Omega, as well as the original world, Audemars Piguet, Tudor most luminous style, are the use of the brand luminous material. At present most of the top quality of the high imitation table is also the use of such luminous. Of course, such luminous material is very expensive, the price is equivalent to the same weight of gold. Then that is Japan's luminous material, which is most of the high imitation table preferred luminous material. Because of its low price, adjustable and strong, while the effect is also good. Then the two luminous materials in the end where the gap? Here we will explain in detail. Figure left for the super luminous, right figure for the Japanese luminous material. Japan luminous materials, We can see in the irradiation of 10 minutes, a bottle of luminous powder has been activated. Emits green, white light. But the brightness of the feeling of color, we can clearly see that in less luminous powder part of the show when the pure green, while the more part of the white. We use the Super Lume of the high imitation AP15703 literally to do the contrast, which is the use of the same color Super Lume We pay attention to replica watches uk the luminous AP, and Japan luminous bottle on the luminous, you can clearly see that there is a big color difference between the reaction. At the same time we also use the Japanese luminous material rolex replica 116610LN literally to do the comparison, because the Japanese luminous adhesion is not strong. At the same time because it is a low-cost high imitation table, in the luminous control will inevitably have different places. Such as this 116610LN luminous point of 10:00, 4:00, 5:00, you can clearly see the two groups of luminous colors are completely different. Super Lume luminous because there is a strong adhesion, so the use of the outer ring on the watch has become possible, which is coated with Super Lume luminous outer ring, and the Japanese luminous raw material contrast, we can look back See Japan's blue luminous material, and the difference between SuperLume. All right. I believe we see here, has been on the Super Lume and the Japanese luminous material in the color difference has already been understood. So what about their persistence? We used a timer, all literally by 1 minute of light to compare. At the same time in order to fair performance, we will adjust the aperture of the camera to 5.2 ISO 500 shutter for 2 seconds, every 5 minutes to shoot All right. I believe you see friends here, you have friends on the luminous material with a simple horizontal understanding of it, this is a simple comparison, in the same brand of SuperLume products also broken down a lot of grades and models, Such as Rolex luminous material is another kind of SupuerLume luminous, if you are interested in these table friends, I will update more on this post, thank you for watching