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In China seems to be a lack of experts in the community, whenever there is a new type of thing, there will be a large number of senior people to define this thing, has not yet made something to become a teacher, O2O (Online To Offline) is a not yet realized concept, there have been a large number of experts to define, to analyze, to look at the recent high imitation watch team has been planning to replica watches uk launch a distribution policy, I also participated in one of the Planning, but also consulted a lot of the so-called "industry", as I then high imitation of the same table, hear a loss. Then I stand in a purely businessman's point of view, to share with you how I think of this thing. First of all, I think the O2O is a pseudo-concept, the network transaction is still only Alibaba Group, a dominance of the case, the so-called Online has not sound, Online To Offine really come? I think this is still very questionable to put. We do not talk about these illusory things, only that can see. My favorite Internet age is 2003 to 2008, when the Internet, a hundred schools of thought contend. You like the phone can go to the PDA forum, you like technology can go to the rolex replica Redskins League, you like photography can go hummingbird. We are enthusiastic to share, enthusiastic help new. Share their joy. This is the end of last year I thought to build a high imitation table is not the original intention of the local tyrants forum. In the micro-marketing has just started, I think this is a very good thing, we all have their own unique resources to understand things, through the circle of friends to the sale of a good idea. Over time this kind of thing seems to be getting sour. My biggest feeling is that I had a classmate, is to do real estate intermediary, and suddenly one day I found him in a circle of friends to sell antihypertensive drugs, for the elderly use, there is no doubt that he did not have any research on medicine, Only because of the difference that led to his forward for sale. He recommended to me. I bought some because of sensibilities, and finally found three products actually is no. I really can not believe that he will sell his products to his parents. This allows me to completely change the WeChat marketing view. In my opinion whether it is O2O or B2C worth mentioning. From the Internet transactions, the most important thing to be resolved is the problem of trust, you must first understand the industry chain, you must also have a profound understanding of this product. No matter which side you are standing in the chain, you only have to understand the premise, in order to conduct transactions, I think this is the premise of every business. Ying Zheng table industry's sales department to my first idea is to launch a WeChat account. In the circle of friends every day about the brush on the market to buy high imitation table, and then to recruit agents, of course, most of the high imitation table business done, tell the truth, I for this "nuisance" and very annoying Acts very disgraceful. There is no doubt that this is not consistent with business logic. Someone has to ask. So Kobayashi, what do you think in line with business logic, first of all I think the premise of business logic is "experience" attention is not "service" but "experience" I want more than high imitation table, any industry is so. We have experienced such a thing, walked into a shop, about two rows of a total of a dozen beautiful young girl told you that welcome. Then you suddenly feel a bit twisted heart, and then you think this store is not good, really? People arranged a dozen girls to welcome you to service is not good? Service is very good, but the experience is not in place, the customer is not this. First of all, I think all the people to participate in the agency's plans are to make money. Every day through the circle of friends push some products. Have any meaning? And if you really want to find a product photos, it may take tens of minutes to turn almost always turn in the end of the circle of friends, if you want to forward the goods also need to download 9 times the picture. I think this is any one who do not want to rolex replica watches put, even if willing to is a serious burden. Then as a supplier, it is the responsibility to solve these problems, so we use the mobile phone APP to solve this problem, through the phone APP to establish the shop, design classification, set up a full-time WeChat customer service to deal with related issues, , To share some of the articles on the business to solve just joined the agent, do not know how to communicate the problem, it seems that some details of the small problem, we spent a full 3 months time to solve this series of problems. These are my views as a post-80 high-imitation open mode, and a less successful businessman, for the O2O as well as the Internet business, micro-marketing some of the views. Thank you for reaching out to my blog.